October 25, 2013

My Cup of Tea

Trusha and Shreyas are exhibiting illustration work at Kynkyny Art gallery today onwards!

Creating Change: Design Writings from India

Creating Change: Design Writings from India is an effort by British Council and Kyoorius to support and generate more awareness about design writing. The book, which was released at the Kyoorius Design Yatra this year,  features twelve essays by designers, architects and writers, discussing design and its possibilities in India. Shreyas, from our studio, was one of the contributing writers. 

Check out her essay on design writing in India, and other essays here.

August 23, 2013

Typewriter Tip Tip Tip Tip Karta Hai

Title obviously whacked from THE typewriter anthem, which also served as a most approrpiate BGM while we unwrapped this beauty.

How does this fit together?!
The typewriter whisperer arrives

Anyone else think this looks like a DJ's console?

Excuse us while we go do some tip tip tip ;)

March 3, 2013

Shanthamani's Open Studio Preview

Artist friend and studio neighbour, Shanthamani had an open studio preview of some of her recent works.

From top to bottom: 'Back Bone', 'Icarus/Jatayu' and 'Hands'.
Material: Wood charcoal with cotton rag pulp

Photo credit: Mallikarjun B Katakol

February 22, 2013

Writer's Reading

This week, our resident bard had a reading of his poetry at Urban Solace, Bangalore.
To catch up on what was missed, head over to Writer's Ink.