November 3, 2012

A Summer of Curious Content

From a film studio that wanted a series of quirky installations to a shoe brand that wanted upcycled installations. Flying piglets that met swinging tyres. Jumping cube-faced men that broke through walls and insect-creatures that perambulate shakily. Here is a sneak peek of works in progress and finished pieces. The creatures await in the sidelines while BBMP cleans up the streets.

The months prior to installation saw Georgie and Sarita driving to and fro with piggy parts.  


A series of upcycled art installations created and curated by Trapeze for Puma to be displayed along the streets and public areas of Bangalore.  We worked with  a group of artists- Maya and her bench, Vivek and Nachi with their Cycle Creature, Pradeep and Nanaiah with tyres and Trapeze with Letters of Joy. Material was scoured from the Dovetail waste bin, from the City Market, cycle and tyre sheds. 

Vivek and Nachi's Cycle Creature

Maya with her bench

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