April 15, 2011

Extreme Typography at Srishti

From April 5th to 11th, 2011, Sarita took a short typography workshop at the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore. Here's a round up of the work that her students did during the course.

In January, lulled by our host’s hospitality,, I accepted Kumkum’s request to take a short course, April seemed far away.

April 5-11th 2011.
A quick contents page exercise as a warm up and shuffling feet and languorous pace changed soon to huddled conferences and brisk plans and sketches.

The main assignment involved creating a typographical map. Using only typographical devices, the aim was to create maps that show journeys that are spatial and non spatial, with change, real and imagined. Some maps are 2 dimensional, some 3 dimensional some are dynamic, interactive, animated, some sculptural and even theatrical. The students have formulated or found units of measure, determined intermediate levels, situated an orientation. Some have an even scaling some, variable. Some are accurate and follow conventional signs with individual labels and specific keys developed. They have found symbolic depictions highlighting relationships between elements in the physical/ non physical space with objects, regions, and themes.

A classroom was darkened for a theatrical typographical performance, whole bodies were traced out for mapping, recci walks were conducted, scraps were begged and borrowed.

Lady Macbeth gets some Type Embellishments or 'Out Damned Glyph!'


An iconic scene from Shakespeare’s Macbeth – an extract from Act V scene I, where Lady Macbeth sleepwalks, mapped typographically by Natasha and Rajasee.
The audience was hustled into a darkened room, the performers aided by the quickly fabricated lighting navigated through the iconic dialogues from the scene and mapped them with respect to space, character and emotion.

Short of screeching banshee this torchlit performance could well be the birth of a new oeuvre in theatre.

Body Type / Look! The contours of my body are talking

Mapping the various zones of their bodies using variable weights and fonts, density and the logic of contour maps this very successfully rendered assignment by Tanvee and Pratyush threw up interesting observations on the way in which each perceived their bodies.

Which parts of the body they considered attractive, which sensitive, vulnerable. They then individually created maps, one using contours, the other using variable type weights.

Arun Kohli, the Life and Typographical times

A life lived depicted and analysed using the various ephemeral data in the form of receipts, forms, certificates licenses that we collect. Sankhalina and Shubhangi created a personality out of the typographical ephemera collected and used these to evaluate the quality of his life.

Punctuations along a Srishti Walk
Set of books

Mapping out typical journeys by a Srishti Student, Varshita and Alagu used the medium of sequential photography to form a stop motion animation . Using punctuation marks, fullstops, asterix, quotation marks and brackets, they indicate the flavour and nature of these stops and breaks.

Choices ! Choices ! Choices!
Flash animation / Layout

The many choices one makes are indicated in layered sheets and using different colours to depict the influences that determine those decisions. Do we make choices using our heart, our brains, are influenced by the lure of wealth of internal satisfaction question Boris and Pallak.

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