April 2, 2011

Masterchef Trapeze

While India and Sri Lanka prepared for a face-off in the ICC World Cup finals, a different kind of competition was on at the studio. Bringing together our love for good food and drink and (for some) cricket, a lunch-table conversation ended with us splitting into teams to face each other in a cook-off.

The Challenge
Two cocktail snacks
(because actual, proper cooking only comes to a few)
One cocktail

And like all proper challenges, there was a theme (Cricket!) and judges.

 Tropical Shrimp cocktail snack / Tomato Mozzarella Basil Bruschetta / Doosra between the Sheets, a take on the popular cocktail

Herbed Crisps Bits, drizzled lightly with olive oil / Golden cornflakes-Ham ICC-Ball /
Bruschetta with french bread & strawberry-basil dressing / Watermelon Vodka cocktail

Stumped: Kababs of green olives and sausages grilled with barbecue sauce / The Oval: Zucchini Pesto Bruschetta topped with green olives and melted cheese / Yorker: A Mojito with watermelon balls soaked in Sake

Bartender Extraordinaire

The judges, the food, the drinks and the most amazing chocolate-hazelnut-whiskey cake

A morning of cooking, an afternoon of eating and drinking and an evening with an exciting match that India won. Could a Saturday get any better?

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