August 13, 2012

Trapeze @ Pune Design Festival '12

Earlier this year, Sarita and Ram were invited to speak at the Pune Design Festival- Design without Boundaries, organised by the Association of Designers of India.

Suresh, Studio Eeksaurus with Sarita and Ram, Trapeze during a panel discussion.
~Image courtesy Sajith Ansar~

Sarita and Ram's talk focused on the theme of the event- Design Without Boundaries. As designers, we are often slotted and boxed into certain stereotypes with respect to the kind of work that we do, the way we approach it and so on. But isn't that far from the case? We are constantly breaking down walls, donning different hats, learning new things, holding hands and taking leaps of faith.

The format of the Pune Design Festival was almost intimate in a sense, with more interaction between speakers and participants (especially students) than one usually sees in design events - the organisers had quite effectively broken the fourth wall. Groups of talks and subsequent panel discussions were followed by tea breaks and break-away sessions of workshops that allowed for more discussion to be generated on the topics at hand. 

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